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New product:
Multiple glasses holder. 
Soft fleece with four compartments attachs to the inside of your purse with Velcro.  No need to search several cases in the bottom of your purse

The Visors that Attach to Your Sunglasses!
Welcome to We are your number one source for the latest/creative sun visors. Our unique inventory and low overhead allow us to offer you inexpensive sun visors that attach directly to your sunglasses or glasses.  Perfect for golf, boating and any activity that you are in the sun.

SlimShadeez Sunglasses Visors fit snugly against your forehead without messing up your hair or giving you a headache from pressing on your temples.  SlimShadeez Sunglasses Visors have dual loops for larger or smaller framed glasses so they're perfect no matter what type of glasses you wear!
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